Voting During Coronavirus | Connecticut Public Radio

Voting During Coronavirus

May 4, 2020

Stamford, Connecticut currently has the most residents diagnosed with coronavirus in the state. This hour, Mayor David Martin joins us to discuss the city’s recovery plan. 

Later, who is eligible to vote by absentee ballot? Connecticut has the most restrictive absentee ballot laws in the country.

The presidential primary has been pushed to August 11, 2020. Secretary of State Denise Merrill says it’s time to allow voting by mail. She will join our conversation to discuss what the state is doing to make absentee ballots more available to the public, and what is being done to keep polling locations safe. 

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  • Mayor David R. Martin - Stamford, Connecticut (@Stamfordmayor)
  • Denise Merrill - Secretary of the State of Connecticut (@SOTSMerrill)
  • Nathaniel Rakich - Elections Analyst, FiveThirtyEight (@baseballot)