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Voicemail Project: Shall We Dance?

Jun 26, 2018

Whether it's a fond memory of ballet class as a kid, or that first, awkward slow dance at prom, or even drunkenly stumbling into a mosh pit on a dare, chances are you've got a dance related story to tell.

And we want to hear it: The good, the bad, and yes, the ugly! On Thursday, July 5th The Colin McEnroe Show will slip on its shoes and shimmy out over the airwaves to talk all things dance. But we'll need a partner for this one and that's where you come in.

Call our voicemail number - (860) 580-9677 - and tell us about your most memerable moments on the dance floor. Why do you, or don't you love dancing? What's your favorite dance movie and why? Disco or Salsa? There are no wrong answers.

When you call us, it's just you and (our) phone. No one will be at the other end. If you mess up, just start over, or call the line and start over again. We'll edit out the mistake. Please try and limit your message to two minutes. 

Questions: Email me at joshnilaya@gmail.com.