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Voicemail Project: Do You Hear The Ice Cream Truck!?

Aug 7, 2019

The music begins - it's coming. I see it. The ice cream truck is here! Can I have some money? HURRY! We're gonna miss it. 

We've all been kids. We know the wonder of a truck peddling ice cream on a hot summer day. Who needs the store. The ice cream truck delivers directly to your door. 

What's your memory of the ice cream truck? Does the jingle still make you drool with anticipation or make you want to pull your hair out? Does the ice cream truck make you roll your eyes or tingle with delight? Can adults buy from the ice cream truck without a kid in tow? Are you traumatized by parents who said no when other parents said yes?

We want to hear your story - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

On Wednesday, August 14th, we'll talk about ice cream trucks. The show won't be complete without your stories. So, give us a call and share your memories of the ice cream truck. There are no wrong answers.

Call our voicemail line to tell us your story: (860) 580-9677.  No one will pick up, so you don’t need to worry about talking to a stranger -- it’ll just be you and the phone. If you mess up, just start over, or call the line again and begin anew. We’ll edit out the mistakes and put your story on the air. 

Questions? Email us at bkaplan@ctpublic.org or cmccusker@ctpublic.org