Victims Of Bad Home Improvement Work Have Options in Connecticut

Dec 14, 2017

If you’ve been a victim of shoddy contracting work on your house -- there is a possible way for you to get some money back. It’s through the state Department of Consumer Protection. Over the last year, around 150 people got checks for a combined total of more than $1.3 million dollars.

If you’re organized -- and willing to do some work -- you could get you back up to $15,000 for bad work on your house through the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund.

Rasheda Lockett is a paralegal specialist who works on the program. She said she gets a lot of applications in regard to roofing jobs.

“I do see [interior] home improvement work, exterior tends to be the kind of work that fails,” Lockett said. “Because it’s the elements.”

Lockett said before you even hire the contractor, ensure they’re registered with Consumer Protection.

“You want to check and make sure they’re registered with us currently,” Lockett said.

If they are and the work still has issues, reach out to the contractor to see if they’ll fix it. If not, you may have to go to court.

Lockett said, if you’re awarded a favorable judgment, but the contractor vanishes or is bankrupt -- reach out to consumer protection with your paperwork.

“You have to have your contract in writing. You want to make sure you have the payment plan set aside in your contract as well,” Lockett said. “And then, you’re going to fill out one of our applications for reimbursement.”

The Home Improvement Guaranty Fund is replenished in part through annual home contractor registration fees.

In FY 2017, it paid out $1.35 million dollars to 152 individuals.

That’s an average payout of nearly $9,000 per complaint.