Universal Basic Income Might Be Coming To Hartford | Connecticut Public Radio

Universal Basic Income Might Be Coming To Hartford

May 10, 2021

Universal Basic Income, a program popularized --by presidential candidate Andrew Yang, might be coming to a Connecticut city. 

This hour, we talk with members of a task force that are working to create a pilot program in Hartford, providing UBI to a select group of single parents. Universal Basic Income test programs have popped up in California and other parts of the globe - we talk about who benefits and who will pay for it.

Could Universal Basic Income become the core part of government programs in the future? Would it mean ending SNAP, Medicaid, unemployment insurance and other government assistance programs?

Later, we hear from the founders of the Hartford Poetry Bus.

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  • Dr. Gina Rosich - Assistant Professor at University of Saint Joseph Department of Social Work and Equitable Community Practice
  • Steven Ross - Professor of Economics at University of Connecticut
  • Sarah Holder - Staff Writer at Bloomberg City Lab
  • Melanie Faranello - writer and teaching artist at Charter Oak and founder of Poetry on the Streets
  • Susan Mazer - Director of the Youth Arts Institute at Charter Oak