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The Understudy Studies the Understudies

Aug 5, 2016

Colin's out today. He got vocal nodes while moonlighting as Mariah Carey’s backup singer, and he's seeing his otolaryngologist. Or he sprained an ankle during a performance with The Rockettes, and now he's in traction.

I'm not sure which. There are conflicting reports.

So Julia Pistell sits in for him.

And, fittingly, she'll look at the understudies, the standbys -- the backups.

This hour: The art of filling in.


  • Danielle Doherty - Co-runner of @understudies
  • Julie Eicher - Dancer, singer, actor; currently performing in the touring production of The Phantom of the Opera as a member of the Corps de Ballet and Ensemble, and understudying the role of Meg Giry
  • Audrey Lavine - Singer, actress, dancer; on Broadway she has been a swing, an understudy, and a standby for some legendary productions
  • Elizabeth Nearing - Community relations manager at Long Wharf Theatre

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Julia Pistell and Betsy Kaplan contributed to this show.