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UConn Statement on Sexual Assault Complaints

Oct 29, 2013

UConn President Susan Herbst.
Credit Chion Wolf / WNPR

The University of Connecticut declined to join WNPR's Where We Live for our broadcast on sexual assault. The school issued a statement explaining its decision. 

The statement is as follows:

"UConn appreciates the invitation to participate this morning, but the federal mandate to protect most student information makes it necessary to be extremely circumspect in all discussions regarding these allegations.

"Those protections, which can be waived only by the students themselves, limit UConn's ability to respond directly in any substantive way, particularly since the allegations are the subject of a federal complaint currently under review.

"Participating in a live radio discussion with hosts or callers about particular allegations would be neither constructive nor honor our students' privacy rights.

"That being said, let us emphasize that UConn prioritizes students' safety above all else. We are proud of the strength of our policies and procedures relating to sexual assault prevention and awareness, and of the services available to victims of sexual violence or harassment.

"UConn created a webpage in January that is filled with resources and links to all policies and education efforts. We encourage your listeners to visit it at http://sexualviolence.uconn.edu.

"President Herbst also created a task force last spring on Civility and Campus Culture, which is collecting feedback and preparing a list of recommendations to be delivered in December.

"These are but a few of the many resources and supports that UConn provides.

"The university has already responded to the most broad allegation made last week: that, as an institution, UConn is 'deliberately indifferent' to sexual assault and harassment. Nothing could be further from the truth. This university and its administration do not tolerate sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual violence of any kind, and all such reports are taken with the utmost seriousness."