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Two Unlikely Movie Gurus Opine On Cinema

Jul 8, 2011

Bill Curry says there should be a National "Bring Your Whole Self to Politics" day in which political people reveal all the complicated sides they have that don't fit into the stark equations that make one a liberal or a conservative, a Republican or a Democrat.

Over the years I've gone to a fair number of movies with Curry and I've learned two things. He is incapable of sharing an armrest with anybody and he is amazingly gifted at framing eloquent insights about what he's just seen, speaking in paragraphs while I'm blinking in the lobby and wondering where the men's room is.

I've seen Currry, the consummate Democrat and Chris Healy, the red-meat Republican, darn near at each other's throats, but I've also been talking to Healy about movies ever since he evoked Gig Young in "They Shoot Horses" as we stood blearily at a midnight legislative session.

The two men bring their whole selves to movies on today's show.

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