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Trouble with Special Ed in Darien and Galinksy on Minds in the Making

Jul 25, 2013

Earlier this week, The President and Co-founder of the Families and Work Institute came to Hartford this week to talk about the work she’s been doing in early childhood development.

Hartford Community Schools was chosen as one of a handful of communities nationally to take part in her “Mind in the Making” initiative - meant to share life skills and give hands-on training for parents and educators. Today, we’ll talk with Ellen Galinsky.

And we’ve been covering the laws governing learning disabled students -- and how the schools are teaching them. And one district has caught our attention - Darien - where the parents and school system seem to be in an all out battle - over transparency,  and how resources are being allocated to special ed kids.

In fact, last week, the state Department of Education released findings in the first part of an investigation that Darien Schools violated federal and state special ed law. We’ll get to the bottom of it with a Darien Times reporter and lawyers involved.


David DesRoches, Assistant Editor at the Darien Times

Andrew Feinstein, Attorney 

Stephen Falcone, Darien School Superintendent

Ellen Galinksy, President and co-founder of the Families and Work Institue, author of Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs

Elena Truworthy, Director of the Hartford Area Child Care Collaborative