Trends Point To Big Year For Women Candidates

Sep 5, 2018

Should she win the Fifth Congressional District race on Nov. 6, Jahana Hayes would no longer be the only black female from New England elected to Congress. Ayanna Pressley, who toppled 10-term U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano in Tuesday's Democratic primary in Massachusetts' 7th District race, would hold that claim too. Unlike for Hayes, there's no Republican opposing Pressley in the general election.

This week, we gauge what Pressley's victory, and other trends suggesting this will be a big year for female candidates, means for Connecticut.

Also after a few weeks mostly out of the public's view, Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob Stefanowski is busy dialing up potential money donors. How tough could it be for him to match his Democratic opponent Ned Lamont in terms of campaign spending?

Pro-labor forces are decidedly behind Lamont in no small part due to Stefanowski's stance in favor of pension reform and against increasing the minimum wage. That comes as a new report finds more Connecticut households are having trouble affording the costs of housing and other basic needs, which we also discuss.


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