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Toxic Stress in Early Childhood

Feb 3, 2012

Is it our genetic code that determines our destiny, or can early life experience influence the course of our fate?
A recently released report from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that stress - especially in our earliest years -plays a big role in future health.  

To explain this, medical practitioners are increasingly looking to the emerging field of epigenetics, which at its most basic level, is the study of changes in gene activity that don’t change your genetic code but can still be passed down to future generations.

Today, members of the medical community join us to explore the balance between life experience, genetics, and future health.  We’ll look at new thinking about health and the disease prevention in our children and communities.

We want to hear from you. How does stress impact you...and your children? How can we change the conditions causing stress in our lives? *This program was produced by Betsy Kaplan.