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In The Time Of Coronavirus: Dating, Weddings, Howling

May 8, 2020

If you’re looking for romance, now’s a really weird time to do it. On the one hand, why bother, right? It’s not like it’s safe yet to have a first kiss, or… whatever. But on the other hand, what better time than now? This hour, we hear from people navigating their way through the dating world during this pandemic. Plus, check out a virtual speed dating event in New Haven, being tried for the first time this weekend!

And we hear from couples who had weddings planned for spring/summer of 2020. With all these logistics, investments, and dreams to fulfill or amend, how hard is it to reschedule a wedding?

Also: It turns out howling is very cathartic.  There’s this Facebook group called “Go Outside and Howl at 8pm” that was started at the end of March - initially as an outlet to cope with the Coronavirus - and it is VERY popular. Find out why over 500,000 people are howling every night!

As a web-extra, we've got an interview with the founder of the dating app, S'More. Its founder, Adam Cohen-Aslatei, wanted the photo to be the least accessible part of the profile, so you've got to work a little bit to see it. Find out why:

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  • Sarah Ellis is the owner of Fancy Jane's cleaning service
  • Alex Zarlengo is a dancer, model, singer and actor living in Hartford
  • Dave Weinreb is an educator, and the co-founder of Elm City Speed Dating in New Haven
  • Chelsey Pierce & Brian Shaban are a Middlebury couple that postponed their wedding due to the Coronavirus
  • Katy Tierney & Tricia Shugrue are a Cheshire couple that moved their wedding from the Fourth of July to August of 2021
  • Erica Baez & Mike Ciparelli from Manchester married privately instead of having the large wedding they planned on
  • Chelsea Suddes owns Pearl Weddings & Events
  • Mariah Rossel is a moderator for the Facebook group, “Go Outside and Howl at 8pm”
  • Kiva is an 8 year-old West Hartford resident

Catie Talarski contributed to this show.