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Third Party Candidates We Won’t Call Fringe

Oct 7, 2013

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With the November municipal elections approaching there have been some nasty battles involving alternative parties fighting their way onto the ballot. There’s something about local politics that leads to hand to hand combat. We’ll be looking at East Hampton, Middletown, Westport and any other town with a feisty third party.

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Kyle Dostaler is the Chairman of the Chatham Party in East Hampton.

John Kilian is the Secretary of the Realistic Balance Party in Middletown and running for Mayor of Midddletown.

Stephen Devoto is a professor of biology at Wesleyan University and running for a seat on Middletown's Planning and Zoning Board.  You can read more from Stephen Devoto here.

Valerie Seiling Jacobs is an attorney who currently teaches writing at Columbia University. She helped prepare Save Westport Now for their lawsuit to get on the November ballot.

Denise Merrill is the Connecticut Secretary of the State