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Teen Drivers and Passengers Don't Mix

Sep 4, 2013

This summer saw several deadly crashes involving young drivers with passengers in the car.  The latest was a crash in Hartford in August where two teens were killed. In 2008, a series of fatal accidents involving teens  spurred state lawmakers and the DMV to tighten teen driving laws. Now, the DMV is partnering with the Injury Prevention Center at CT Children's Medical Center to raise awareness about passenger safety.

Teens behind the wheel, is it a moment all parents dread?
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Well, Kevin Boorup who's  the Associate Director of the Injury Prevention Center at CCMC told WNPR  data shows a teen driver is more at risk of a crash when they allow their friends in the car. 

The Injury Prevention Center and the DMV will start partnering with schools this month and they hope to reach parents, too. 

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