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Team USA Lives Here: Where America's Rio Olympians Are From

Aug 12, 2016
Originally published on August 12, 2016 1:02 pm

Are any U.S. Olympic athletes from your town? To find out, you can check our listing of Olympians' hometowns and birth cities below, which draws from data we got from Team USA.

The Virgin Islands and Washington, D.C., are represented in Rio — but not every American state is: No U.S. athletes said they were from North Dakota, West Virginia or Wyoming.

Of the American team's 554 athletes, 47 were born in other countries — the most came from China and Kenya, which account for five each.

Five states produced nearly half of the Summer Olympic athletes (257 — or 46 percent of the team):

  1. California (124 athletes)
  2. Florida (39 athletes)
  3. Texas (33 athletes)
  4. Pennsylvania (31 athletes)
  5. New York (30 athletes)

Certain sports tend to be strong in particular states: All but one of America's seven badminton players are from California, for instance, where the sport is played by high school teams.

As member station KCRW has reported, some of the nation's best badminton players emerge from the Orange County Badminton Club, which was founded by player Phillip Chew's grandfather.

To see what common qualities the U.S. athletes have — from their age to their height — visit our page What Team USA looks like.

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