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Tax Day 2019: Tax Cut Talk Can't Be Ignored

Apr 15, 2019

Monday was the deadline for Americans to file their 2018 tax returns, and it was also a day for many to commiserate about paying those taxes, particularly as changes to the tax code are now being realized.

It’s the first filing season since tax cuts were signed into law in 2017 by President Donald Trump. And people are taking notice.

Josh Vinoski walked in to a post office in Colchester so that he could send out an amended return. He said he got back less tax refund money than he anticipated. That’s because of changes made to withholding tables – formulas used to calculate how much people pay in taxes per paycheck.

“That was frustrating,” Vinoski said. “[I’m] used to getting significantly more money back in taxes than I got this year. So yeah – it was actually a pretty frustrating year for taxes.”

Josh Vinoski walks out of a post office in Colchester with his daughter Everly. He was there on Tax Day -- April 15, 2019 -- to submit an amended return. That's the deadline for people to send in 2018 tax returns.
Credit Frankie Graziano / Connecticut Public Radio

Bill Wright of East Haddam held out until Tax Day to send out his return and tax payment. He said that the government doesn’t need his money any earlier than it’s required to have it. He wasn’t happy with the amount he paid in taxes this year.

“Whoever thinks that the middle class got a tax break, they need to do some research,” Wright said. “We got screwed.”

Recent polling from NBC and the Wall Street Journal found that many Americans are saying the tax cuts didn’t help them – just 17 percent reported that their taxes went down.