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Task Force to Recommend Reforms to Child Custody Cases

Jan 30, 2014

Jennifer Verraneault, an advocate for families, speaks during the task force meeting on Thursday.
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A state task force is recommending reforms to child custody cases in state courts, including capping court-appointed child guardians' fees that many parents say are wiping out their finances. The task force met in Hartford today to finalize recommendations it plans to submit to state lawmakers on Friday. 

The panel held an emotional, nearly 15-hour public hearing earlier this month during which parents in child custody disputes complained that they were forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars on guardians, who are appointed by judges to represent the interests of children.

The panel is recommending capping expenses for guardians at a cost to be determined later, but also is urging lawmakers to give the guardians the authority to ask judges to approve additional fees.

Watch the nearly 15-hour public hearing below: