The Tale Of The (Little) Red Hen: Do We Reap What We Sow? | Connecticut Public Radio

The Tale Of The (Little) Red Hen: Do We Reap What We Sow?

Jun 25, 2018

Today, we have no guests. Just a conversation between you and Colin about Stephanie Wilkinson's request that Sarah Huckabee Sanders leave the Red Hen restaurant Friday night. Wilkinson owns the Red Hen, where Sanders and her party were dining Friday night.

The exchange was polite. Wilkinson asked Sanders to leave. Sanders agreed to go. Wilkinson welcomed the others in the Sanders party of eight to stay. They all chose to go and offered to pay for the food and drink they consumed. Wilkinson refused any money. 

Last week, patrons at two separate Mexican restaurants yelled at Trump Administration officials Kirstjen Nielsen and Stephen Miller until they left.  Also last week, police had to escort Florida GOP Attorney General Pam Bondi away from the movie she came to attend.  

The exclusions from one side aren't about political affiliation any more than refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple on the "other" side are about religious freedom. So, what is it about and where does it end? More importantly, how will it ever end if we refuse to talk to one another? 

Is the recent public shaming of Republicans karma for an administration that excludes "others" or a deeper descent into incivility from which none of us can return? 

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