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The Supreme Memory Show

Mar 21, 2011

Today’s guest memorized the precise order of an entire deck of cards in one minute and forty seconds.

This supreme act of memorization earned Joshua Foer a US record for speed and a winning title at the US memory championship in 2006.  But how does his uncanny ability to memorize useless information relate to our daily blunders of lost car keys, forgotten birthdays…and the classic: “I know you just told me… but what’s your name again?!” 

Today we’ll explore memory with some of the best minds on the planet – we’ll find out how we might use some of the tricks of their trade in our own lives.  And did you know the brains of rats and human beings are nearly identical in terms of developing and processing memory?  It’s true, according to a UCONN researcher who studies the brains of rats to better understand just how memory works.