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State University Professors Speak Out on Labor Negotiations

Dec 14, 2015

Faculty at Connecticut's state universities are negotiating with the Board of Regents over a new three-year contract. Last month the new president of the Board, Mark Ojakian joined us to discuss the negotiations from his perspective. This hour, we hear from several of the professors pushing back against cuts and other changes in the public higher education system.

What impact would the proposed changes have on faculty and how would it affect the classrooms?


  • Matthew Warshauer - Professor of history at Central Connecticut State University 
  • Stephen Adair - Professor of sociology at CCSU and faculty representative on the Board of Regents
  • Kathy Hermes - Professor and chair of the history department at CCSU
  • Kim Dorfman - Adjunct representative to the CCSU English department and professor

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John Dankosky, Betsy Kaplan, and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.