State May Loosen Some Sunday Hunting Restrictions | Connecticut Public Radio

State May Loosen Some Sunday Hunting Restrictions

May 24, 2013

In Connecticut, hunting on Sundays is prohibited. But as WNPR's Jeff Cohen reports, a law now being considered may change that. State law pretty much forbids Sunday hunting. In fact, just possessing a hunting implement in the open on a Sunday is evidence that you've broken the law.

"It's an old blue law, it's been in effect I don't know how long, forever and ever, I guess." That's Robert Crook, the executive director of the Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen.

But a new bill has just passed the state house that would allow Sunday deer hunting on private land with a bow and arrow. "Just bow hunting only, private land, it's a DEEP initiative, it's not mine. They're concerned about the expanding deer herd in the state."

The bill says you can't hunt near a hiking trail and that you must respect wildlife management principles and practices laid out by the state. The legislation would also overturn that provision in the current statutes that bars the mere possession of a bow and arrow outdoors on Sundays. The bill now moves to the state Senate.