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Starting School In Connecticut After Hurricane Maria

Nov 7, 2017

Much of Puerto Rico remains devastated six weeks after Hurricane Maria, with many areas lacking access to electricity and clean water. The disaster has led some Puerto Rican families to relocate to the mainland.

This hour, family ties bring many evacuees to Connecticut--so how is our state welcoming these new arrivals in our community?

Over 6,000 students have left Puerto Rico to come continue their education in the mainland U.S. And at least 500 of them have enrolled in Connecticut public schools.

We discuss how school districts are helping students from Puerto Rico adjust to school in their new town.

WNPR’s Jeff Cohen walks us through a student’s first day of school at Bulkeley High School in Hartford, part of WNPR’s continuing coverage of Puerto Ricans’ recovery efforts after the hurricane.

Have you helped a family member from Puerto Rico move to Connecticut? What has been their experience so far?


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Chion Wolf contributed to this show.