A Special Election And A Secret Health Care Bill | Connecticut Public Radio

A Special Election And A Secret Health Care Bill

Jun 21, 2017

A special election in Georgia has been called the "most expensive, highest profile, most hyped special election" for a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. So with the Republican win, does it really tell us anything about the state of the electorate during the Trump administration? 

Meanwhile, the Senate GOP said they'll release a draft of their health care bill later this week. And the Supreme Court is considering an important case on gerrymandering in Wisconsin

In Connecticut, Florida Governor Rick Scott is trying to lure companies to his state.  Seventy-year-old Wallingford Mayor William Dickinson made the announcement he is running for his 18th consecutive term. And Republican House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz ruffled some feathers for choosing golf over a budget meeting with the governor. 


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