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The Soothing Sounds of Northampton's Winterpills

Dec 9, 2014

Colin McEnroe has been working for an age to get Winterpills to appear on his show. A new album was recently released by the band, Echolalia, allowing WNPR a perfect reason at last to bring in members Philip Price and Flora Reed.

The new release features Price and Reed, and includes several covers of other artists. 

Philip Price and Flora Reed visiting WNPR.
Credit Heather Brandon / WNPR

"We did it just the two of us, in our home studio," Price said. "The assignment was kind of like, you pick six, and I'll pick six. Not just songs that we liked -- because we love all kinds of music. ...They had to be transformed, somewhat. We had to assume some ownership, some kind of different agency in the song when we got it. So that also meant that some songs we picked that didn't quite make the cut."

Listen below to the album Echolalia:

Winterpills hail from Northampton, where there's a sizzling music scene connecting friends to one another in shared, mix-and-match positions in various bands. "Everyone's pretty good at being fans of each other," Price said. "If you play a local show, you can pretty well expect a lot of musicians will be there as well."

Reed said the band is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its first album next year. "We're still re-tooling, and figuring out different ways to tour, and keep it going," she said.

Listen below to Winterpills talk and perform on WNPR's The Colin McEnroe Show: