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Singularity 101

Feb 8, 2011

It could be all the coffee I drank this morning, but I think I have an observation that combines the concept of singularity -- the moment at which artificial intelligence or scientifically modified human intelligence becomes smarter than anything that has ever lived on earth -- with the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl victory.  

You see, the singularity might turn out well. Machines might solve all of our problems. Or we might become so smart that we solve all of our own problems. We might become immortal. And then it's kind of like having your favorite team win the Super Bowl -- which, I can tell you, is a strangely hollow experience. It actually gives you less to live for. There might be a lot of that in a technologically perfected future.

One our biggest challenges might be figuring out how to make life fun and interesting in the absence of obstacles. 

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*This show was originally broadcast on February 8, 2011*