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A Show About Nothing (Really!)

Dec 6, 2016

Why is there something rather than nothing? This has been described as perhaps the most sublime philosophical question of all. Today, on The Colin McEnroe Show, we answer it. But as we do, we realize that it's not just a philosophical quandary; it's a scientific, cultural, and theological one as well.

Indeed, to the extent that "nothing" is even understood, it is understood so differently across different domains that one man's nothing truly is another man's something. Confused? You're not alone. The concept has vexed, distressed and seduced all manner of folk, from Aristotle to Einstein, and remains no less mysterious to today's brightest minds. This hour, we speak with the world's foremost experts on nothing in an effort to make something out of, well, you know...


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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.