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Seven Women File Federal Discrimination Complaint Against UConn

Oct 22, 2013

Kylie Angell, a recent UConn graduate, has said she felt unsafe on campus.
Credit University of Connecticut

Seven women who say they were victims of sexual assaults while students at the University of Connecticut have filed a federal discrimination complaint against the school. Their attorney, Gloria Allred, says the complaint to the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights alleges UConn failed to respond appropriately to the women's allegations. 

At a press conference Monday, Kylie Angell, a recent graduate, described an alleged rape on campus one summer. A university hearing was held several months later, and the attacker was found guilty on four counts, including sexual misconduct. Angell was told she would be expelled from school.

From NBC Connecticut: "Two weeks later," Angell said, "I was eating in the dining hall when the perpetrator sat down next to me and threateningly grazed my elbow in an act of obvious defiance. I was then met by heckling from his friends, who shouted at me that the perpetrator was back." Angell found out later that he had filed an appeal and was granted re-admission to campus.

The women are asking for an investigation under Title IX, the landmark civil rights law that says schools receiving federal money cannot discriminate against women. UConn issued a statement saying it takes sexual assault allegations extremely seriously, and believes the women's cases were handled appropriately.

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