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A Second Act For Connecticut's Theaters

Feb 7, 2013

The Shubert Theater in New Haven turns 100 next year - At one time it was a test stage for future Broadway shows, but since then has struggled to make ends meet, and now the city wants to hand over operations and expenses to a private company.

But the Shubert’s a success story, in that it survived the wrecking ball, while other, once thriving performance and movie houses have fallen to pieces, long ago torn down and forgotten.

Of the historical theaters that have been preserved, some have gotten state money, others are years-long passion projects

Today we’ll look at the history of some of these old theaters, like the Warner in Torrington and the Palace Theater in Waterbury. And senior producer Catie Talarski introduces us to the man who’s fixed up Lyric Hall, an old vaudeville stage in New Haven.

See more photos of Lyric Hall.