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The Scramble Takes Your Calls

Apr 23, 2018

We didn't book any guests today. We decided to take your calls for the entire hour so you could share what's on your mind.

A lot happened this weekend in the news that you may want to talk about. But, instead of encouraging reactions to the latest news, many of you expressed interest on Colin's Facebook page in talking about something deeper. 

For example, are we all a little short with one another these days? Are we talking enough, reflecting on what we believe, and trying to understand those who embrace views different from our own?

Andrew Sullivan is concerned that our 21st century tribalism will bring down our democracy. Today, we don't just seek the sense of belonging that comes with tribal affiliation. We seek to "provoke, condemn, and defeat the other," in a show of "mutual incomprehension and loathing" - before we even get to know the person we profess to hate. 

How do we improve? How do we share and talk? How does a Trump voter have a conversation with a Trump hater? How do we each check our righteousness and certainty that we have the answers that others are not sharp enough to understand?

Let's have a conversation. Give us a call at 860-275-7266 or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. 

Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.