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The Scramble: #MeToo; Roy Moore; Net Neutrality

Dec 10, 2017

Harvey Weinstein was vanquished from atop his powerful perch just over two months ago after an investigation by the New York Times uncovered allegations of sexual harassment and assault that lasted over three decades. The women were finally ready to talk - and they're still talking. 

The #MeToo movement is gaining steam. Every day, powerful men are falling. We're in a cultural moment that can be transformative. Yet, some fear ​it could​ also​ go off track if due process is ignored in our rush for change. 

Also this hour: Alabama's Senate race will be decided on Tuesday. It's become a monumental race for the soul of the Republican Party and a test on how deeply the #MeToo movement has taken root. 

Lastly, the FCC votes this week on whether to repeal net neutrality rules. Many fear the new rules will lead to dramatic changes in how we experience the Internet. 


  • Emily Yoffe - Journalist and contributing editor at The Atlantic
  • Annie Linskey - Chief National Correspondent for the Boston Globe 
  • April Glaser  - Writes about technology for Slate Magazine.

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