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The Scramble: How to Be a Guest on a Talk Show with David Rees

Jul 28, 2014

David Rees in "Going Deep with David Rees," on the National Geographic Channel
Credit National Geographic Channel

This hour's Scramble starts fun and gradually grows darker. We begin with David Rees, host of a television show in which he layers expertise onto simple acts like opening a door or making ice cubes. Its motto is "de-familiarizing the ubiquitous so as to increase our appreciation and wonder thereby." We can get behind that.

We even have ideas for future episodes, and we really want to know everything there is to know about how to swat a fly. You can watch that episode Monday night on "Going Deep with David Rees," his new show on the National Geographic Channel.

Our middle segment is about Sunday morning talk shows like "Meet the Press," "Face the Nation," and "This Week," and whether there is any need for them in 2014. They long controlled the flow and direction of breaking news and knowledgeable response before the internet changed the way we consume news. Today, they'd be more important if they put public figures on the hot seat more often. If they did that, though, public figures would simply gravitate to shows with softer questions. How can they retain, or regain, relevance?

Lastly, the NFL shows once again it has a horrid value system.