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The Scramble: Hard Slides and Fantasy Sports

Oct 12, 2015

Public radio is one of the few places where you can avoid ads for daily fantasy football companies like DraftKings and FanDuel. If you go anywhere else on the radio dial or turn on the TV, you'll probably encounter at least a few commercials. Now the industry is under intense scrutiny after an employee at DraftKings won $350,000 at FanDuel using insider information.

Also, Chase Utley enters CitiĀ Field as public enemy number one for Mets fans after his brutal slide broke Ruben Tejada's leg on Saturday night. The Dodgers' infielder was suspended for two games, but is appealing the suspension and will likely take the field in Queens.


  • Sarah Poriss - Lawyer in Hartford and author of Hartford Courant op-ed on fantasy sports
  • Diana Moskovitz - Staff writer for Deadspin
  • Will Leitch - Senior writer for Sports on Earth and founder of Deadspin

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Colin McEnroe and Betsy Kaplan contributed to this show.