The Scramble: Connecticut's Fiscal Crisis, North Korea, Walter Becker

Sep 5, 2017

Connecticut has become overconfident that money would always be found to pay the bills. For the first time, the state is realizing we can't pay the bills for pensions and retirement and infrastructure that we've put off for decades to spend on other things. 

Yet, we weren't spending in a way that would make us a regional competitor of Boston and New York City instead of their provincial little neighbor.

Also this hour: The U.S. has tried to control North Korea with threats, sanctions, military exercises, cyber-sabotage, and diplomacy over many decades. President Trump is ratcheting up the threats without adding diplomacy to the mix.  Is there something we can learn from the Iran deal? 

Lastly, NPR music reviewer describes Walter Becker as "a flickering high-water moment for understatement in rock" who added a heavy dose of irreverence to all he created. We honor one of rock's great musicians.


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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.