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The Science Of COVID-19

Apr 13, 2020

COVID-19 has dominated our lives, but how much do you actually know about the virus that causes this disease?

This hour, we talk with NY Times columnist and writer, Carl Zimmer about the science behind the coronavirus. We learn about how viruses work and how they’re different from other disease-causing germs like bacteria.

A Yale immunobiologist also joins us as we learn about the strategies researchers are taking to find and develop treatments and vaccinations. What questions do you have about how the medical and scientific community is confronting the COVID-19 pandemic?

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  • Carl Zimmer - New York Times columnist and the author of 13 books about science, including A Planet of Viruses (@carlzimmer)
  • Dr. Ellen Foxman - Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Immunobiology at Yale School of Medicine and Assistant Director of the Yale New-Haven Hospital Clinical Virology and Clinical Immunology Laboratories (@EllenFoxman)

Cat Pastor contributed to this show.