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A "Rigged" Election; the Final Debate

Oct 19, 2016

Donald Trump is no longer laughing at Saturday Night Live, which is part of the media and the political establishment that he says have stacked the election against him. At a rally in Pennsylvania, he told his supporters to go to polling places on Election Day to make sure they're "on the up and up" -- which concerned civil rights groups and others citing illegal voter intimidation.  

This hour we preview the final presidential debate, talk about Obama's legacy, and dig through some of Clinton's leaked trove of emails, including...Chris Murphy as a candidate for VP


  • Colin McEnroe - Host of The Colin McEnroe Show
  • Dan Haar - Reports on commerce, economics, wealth and poverty for the Hartford Courant
  • Leah Wright-Rigueur - Assistant Professor of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Government 

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