The Return of the American Streetcar | Connecticut Public Radio

The Return of the American Streetcar

Oct 14, 2014

Sometimes called trams, sometimes called trolleys, the streetcar was once a primary method of transportation in many American cities. Nowadays, well, not so much. But as many metropolitan districts grapple with issues like traffic congestion and economic development, some have begun looking to streetcars as a potential solution.

This hour, we see how some American cities have started using streetcars to get around -- and whether someday we might see them here in Connecticut.

Could streetcars be the mass transit solution we’ve been waiting for?

A little later, we also check in with Executive Producer Catie Talarski to learn a little bit more about WNPR’s Polish Stories Project.


  • Eric Jaffe - Contributor to CityLab and Fast Company’s CoDesign; author of A Curious Madness and King's Best Highway
  • Franklin Conaway - National consultant specializing in urban redevelopment and passenger rail planning
  • John Flaherty - Director of Research and Communications for Grow Smart RI
  • Catie Talarski - WNPR's Executive Producer