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Respect My Authority: Stories From The Mouth-Off

Aug 14, 2020

For eight years, I hosted a storytelling show at the Mark Twain House, called The Mouth-Off. Five times a year, storytellers would take the stage with their true story on that night’s theme. Now that the pandemic has cancelled the remainder of this year’s season, I wanted to take the opportunity to play you some of my favorites.

You’ll hear all sorts of stories in this episode, but the one thing they all have in common? They all deal with relationships with authority figures - like parents, employers… or police.

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  • Rev. Dr. Shelley Best is the president and CEO of The Conference of Churches in Hartford and she’s the Director & Chief Curator of The 224 EcoSpace, a social enterprise in Hartford
  • Greg Garcia is a high school english teacher, musician, artist, and self-described miscreant
  • Jason Simms owns and operates Simms Public Relations in Deep River, Connecticut
  • Keirsten Estabrooks operates a small business in the real estate realm.  She lives in Higganum, CT with her dog, Luther, and her boyfriend, Alex
  • Lucy Ferriss is a writer-in-residence at Trinity College, and author of many books, including her latest, “A Sister to Honor”
  • Becky Beth Benedict is a farmer’s daughter and theater teacher, originally from North Dakota

Catie Talarski contributed to this show.