To Regionalize or Not to Regionalize | Connecticut Public Radio

To Regionalize or Not to Regionalize

Oct 20, 2016

Connecticut is home to some of the wealthiest Americans in the country, and yet its cities are among the nation’s poorest. Some say the first step to ending this inequality is to spread the wealth from thriving suburban areas to struggling urban areas.

This hour, we talk regionalization – will Connecticut ever embrace it as the state struggles with constant deficits?

We hear from the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities about its recent report that looks at the burden our cities face. We also talk with municipal leaders from Hartford and Simsbury.

Plus, we check in with Jacksonville, Florida which went through a consolidation process decades ago. What can we learn from that city’s successes and failures?

Do you think regionalizing services is the only way to save our cities from going under? Or does it threaten the identity of our state and quality of life?


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Chion Wolf contributed to this show.