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Real Life Survival Guide: The Glenwood

Jul 20, 2011

Someone (it might have been Episode 4 guest editor Binnie Klein) commented recently that the show has been “a show about making a show”, and I don’t disagree with that assessment. Having worked on the Guide in one form or another for over ten years now, I’m finally learning not to over think things. (Gary, our web designer is constantly urging me to “grip it and rip it” – a golfer’s exhortation to stop standing there and hit the damn ball.) That’s what’s happening with the RLSG radio show: we’re trying things and finding out what works and what doesn’t.

Episode 5 was recorded on a beautiful July Sunday afternoon at an amazing spot in Hamden, Connecticut: The Glenwood Drive In. What is a joyful experience! Our host for the afternoon was the owner, Wayne Stone and his son Rob, who advised me to try the birch beer. (It did not disappoint!)

The Guest Editors (Our “Gang of Provocateurs”)

Ann McGuire is the Editorial Director for Milford Living Magazine, and was suggested by our producer, Cindy Papish Gerber. (Like the birch beer, Ann did not disappoint.) We were also joined by Brian Tompkins, the Men’s Soccer  coach at Yale. (I ran into Brian recently, and about 30 seconds into the conversation I knew he’d be a great addition to any round table discussion.) The conversation was freewheeling and fun, and when the session was over, we attacked some of the Glenwood’s award winning hot dogs and fries.

This Week’s Pitches


Duo pitched a question about potential corn syrup abuse, Ann wanted to know why mosquitoes love her so much, Brian pondered the question of manners, and I asked about parenting kids who are experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

Hope you enjoy it!