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Real Life Survival Guide Episode 6: Delaney's

Jul 25, 2011

This week we gathered at one of my favorite local watering holes, Delaney’s Tap Room and Restaurant in the Westville section of New Haven. We chose Delaney’s to follow up on several conversations we had in Episode 4 at Heirloom: the importance of community, the uncertainty of our changing times, and the possibilities to be discovered in doing the things you love.

Led by Provocateur-in-Chief Duo Dickinson, we gathered: blogger and (imperfect perfectionist) Wendy McGee, Playwright Susan Cinoman, Public Media Manager in transition (and our executive producer) Kim Grehn, his lovely wife Deb, the owner of Rooby Dooby’s Cakes in West Hartford, and the equally lovely Amanda, the Manager at Delaney’s.

Food and Whine

The conversation was lively, the cheesecake was delicious, and we took another important step in figuring out exactly what it is we need to do to write “the new manual for modern living”.