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Ram Dass: We're All Just Walking Each Other Home

Jan 9, 2020

Ram Dass' 1971 book, "Be Here Now," was the gateway drug into spirituality for a lot of young people seeking answers in the era of Vietnam.

Dass first tried being a psychology professor at Harvard, where he and colleague Timothy Leary, sought God through experiments with psychedelics. Then, he went to India and found his guru, who taught him how to feel high without the drugs. 

Many young people followed him to India. They chose to feed the hungry and serve the people, just as Ram Dass would tend to the dying, the blind, and the incarcerated. They searched for meaning away from the political tumult of 1960's America.

There are parallels to today.

Ram Dass died last month. But his words and life are inspiring a new generation of followers who are  using the teachings of Ram Dass to find something bigger than the division and hatred evident in this political moment. 


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