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Radio's Storytelling Renaissance

Oct 12, 2015

America has seen a renaissance in storytelling of various forms, especially on the radio. This hour, we talk with two producers who are telling very different kinds of stories. Joe Richman has been putting tape recorders in the hands of people for nearly two decades as part of his Radio Diaries series heard on NPR. He's speaking at Quinnipiac University this week.

Also, WNPR producer J Holt has been traveling around the state to gather stories from local residents for the project called Words To Give By.

Listen to a bonus clip of Joe Richman's interview with Claressa Shields, a teenage "natural fighter" who is making a name for herself in boxing, below. 


  • Joe Richman - Founder and Executive Producer of Radio Diaries
  • J Holt - Producer of WNPR's Words to Give By series

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Chion Wolf contributed to this show.