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The Race Is On For CT Governor And Attorney General

Nov 29, 2017

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen announced this week that he will not be seeking a third term. This leaves two huge holes to fill - AG and Governor - with no clear front-runners.

Already, Rep. William Tong has announced he's exploring the AG position. It's a field that will be narrowed down due to a technicality put in place in 1897 - that requires at least ten years' active practice in Connecticut to be eligible for the position. A statute that derailed former Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz in 2010. 

This hour, we'll talk about who is in the running in Connecticut, the likelihood of (another) special session, and a racially charged event at UConn on Tuesday night. 

Also, the U.S. Senate is making progress on a tax bill, a judge ruled in favor of the President and his pick to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and more accusations of sexual misconduct come forward --  including Matt Lauer. 


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