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Phase One Frenzies; Provocative Predictions; The Bread Boom

May 22, 2020

May 20th was the long-awaited date in Connecticut when the first phase of reopening began after the Coronavirus caused life as we know it to be put on hold. Offices and malls were allowerd to open with precautions; restaurants, museums and zoos could open outdoor areas as well.

Salons and barbershops were initially part of Phase One, but with no less than 48 hours before they were to open, Governor Ned Lamont announced that the decision to include them in that phase had been reversed. This hour, you'll hear reactions from three stylists, and three restaurateurs who readied their patios for the reopening.

Then, you’ll hear from three big thinkers about predictions they made back in Politico back in March, and how those predictions have stood up over all this time. 

Finally, in our "Comfort" segment, you’ll meet a bread baker who tells us about One Bread to Rule Us All, and an 11-year-old on whether or not she sees this pandemic as a defining point in her life.

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Catie Talarski contributed to this show.