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Patterns Emerge From Campaign Donor Listings

Oct 17, 2018

We can learn a lot from campaign finance reports.

In Connecticut's race for governor, they reveal that the three top contenders, Bob Stefanowski, Ned Lamont, and Oz Griebel, are all dipping deep into their own pockets to fund their campaigns. 

Not surprisingly, Lamont, the multi-millionaire Democratic Party candidate, is far in the lead. So far he's invested more than $12 million of his personal fortune in this year's race.

Tracking political contributions, as Connecticut Public Radio's Patrick Skahill has done, can also provide a good indication of how much buzz they are generating. And from where.

This week we put the numbers into context. And we discuss how engaged one crucial segment of potential voters, the Latino community, is less than three weeks away from Election Day.

Also, we address incidents of ugly, repugnant behavior or remarks on the campaign trail. We have examples here in Connecticut. Often fueled by social media, they're coming from both sides of the aisle. And they've led to the exit of one candidate in a prominent race.


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