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Parkland, Florida: The Deadliest School Since Sandy Hook

The nation is waking up to another devastating tragedy—this time, a school shooting in a Florida high school. Police say 17 are dead, more than a dozen others have been hospitalized. The shooter, a former student, is in custody.

Today, we want to hear from you as we talk about this shooting, the 18th to happen in a school so far in 2018.

We hear from a mother who lost her child in 2012 in the Newtown school shootings.

We also talk about the conversation schools around the country continue to have to protect children and staff.

Are you feeling desensitized by these acts of violence? Do you think Congress will tighten gun laws in the wake of another school tragedy?

What needs to change in America?


  • Nelba Márquez-Greene - Mother of Ana Márquez-Greene
  • Richard Blumenthal - US Senator from Connecticut
  • Fran Rabinowitz - Executive Director, Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents
  • Paul Gionfriddo - President and CEO of Mental Health America
  • Brendan Byrne - reporter for WMFE Public Radio in Orlando
  • Jeremy Stein - Executive Director of CT Against Gun Violence

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