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Our Weird N.C.A.A. Picks

Mar 16, 2011

Let me just throw it down right here. Bisons over Huskies. Not that I believe the UConn men will lose to Bucknell in the first round, but I will be rooting for that to happen. I've really had it with the UConn men's program. I'll happily root for the women.

But this years' UConn men's program is everything I don't like about college basketball.The graduation rate is an abysmal 31 percent (and that's using a calculation that doesn't penalize a school for a player who leaves early for the NBA, as long as he's in good academic standing at that moment). In the NCAA Academic Progress Rate, UConn has one of the worst scores in the tournament. Piled onto that, of course, is this year's NCAA judgment against UConn and its coach Jim Calhoun for failing to maintain an atmosphere of ethical complicance. That's NCAA speak for pretty much blowing off the recruiting rules. Leave your comments below, e-mail colin@wnpr.org or Tweet us @wnprcolin.