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Our Theme Today Is Theme Songs

Oct 11, 2018

So, when Prince died (which was two-and-a-half years ago), we announced that we were finally going to retire our theme song (which was a Prince song). And then we promptly did... nothing at all.

Earlier this year, though -- and in typical Colin McEnroe Shovian fashion -- we decided that this non-problem was a big problem. And so, in order to try and hopefully finally fix this non-problem big problem, we did a whole show about theme songs -- ours and other people's.


  • Kate Callahan - Connecticut's 16th State Troubadour; her latest album is Triumph (@katecalsings)
  • Jim Chapdelaine - Composed the theme song for WNPR's The Second First Season; it says here that he's also won, like, Emmys and things for other stuff he's done (@jimchap)
  • Stephen Metcalf - Slate's critic at large and co-host of The Slate Culture Gabfest (@metlandia)
  • Steve Metcalf - Director of the University of Hartford's Presidents' College

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Colin McEnroe and Gene Amatruda contributed to this show, which originally aired April 17, 2018.