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The Opposition Party

Feb 8, 2017

We've been told to keep our mouths shut. We're not gonna do that.

But where it gets complicated is that The Colin McEnroe Show... has a point of view. Colin has a point of view, and the show has a point of view, in a way that the public radio universe around us maybe isn't used to.

And in a world where objectively bad things happen side-by-side with subjectively bad things seemingly every day, our job just got a whole bunch more complicated.

This hour -- and in advance of WNPR's The Press, the President, and the Public event Thursday night -- a look at the role of the media in our, uh, brave new world, as it were.

The Colin McEnroe Show asked American Public Media to contribute to or comment for our conversation about their firing Lewis Wallace from Marketplace. We got this statement from their director of communications, Angie Andresen:

The broader issue around journalistic ethics is an ongoing one for the industry, with each media entity needing to define what it means for how they report. For Marketplace, it’s very clear. We are committed to raising the economic intelligence of all Americans. We accomplish that with independent and objective reporting that is based on facts, pursues the truth, and covers what’s happening in a fair and neutral way. Our journalists’ mission is to be honest, impartial, nonpartisan and independent in their work. Our team is a diverse group of professionals who have committed to that code of ethics. We don’t discuss personnel matters about current or former employees.


  • Virginia Heffernan - Cultural critic and one of the hosts of Slate’s Trumpcast
  • Betsy Kaplan - Senior producer at WNPR
  • Jonathan McNicol - Producer at WNPR
  • Josh Nilaya - Producer at WNPR
  • Matt Taibbi - Contributing editor for Rolling Stone and the author, most recently, of Insane Clown President: Dispatches from the 2016 Circus
  • Lewis Wallace - A radio journalist, who, until January 30th, was a reporter at American Public Media’s Marketplace

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.