Not The Nose: Pop Culture Is One More Thing That Divides Us, And The Major Leagues Of Wiffle Ball

Sep 7, 2018

Here's the money quote from a recent Washington Post story on entertainment in the Trump era: "People look at politics when deciding how they feel about a host or actor. Pop culture has now become one more thing that divides us, just like cable news and social media." The Nose couldn't pass that up, and this not-quite-The-Nose show can't pass it up either.

And, here's just about all you need to know about the so-called major leagues of Wiffle ball, the Palisades Wiffle Ball League in Blauvelt, NY: 1. They throw the ball 90 miles an hour. 2. They use and sell a special bat with an expletive in its brand name. 3. They think of themselves as the major leagues of Wiffle ball. Or had I mentioned that already?

Some other stuff that's happened in the last couple weeks, in The Nose's absence:

P.S. Barring any unforeseen anything, The Nose will return next Friday, September 14.

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Colin McEnroe contributed to this show.